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About Me


My name is Chad Eshbaugh and I am a real estate photographer raised in Central Florida in the town of Leesburg. I began my photography journey back in 1987 after moving to Daytona Beach, taking and developing photos at Seabreeze High school. My fascination with visual images led me to work as a graphic artist and photographer for newspaper publications in Jacksonville and Leesburg, Fl. I was given the opportunity to move to Los Angeles to become a camera operator specializing in camera movement. I have been a member of the International Cinematographers and Photographers Guild for 20 years. My work has been seen on numerous projects ranging from national ad campaigns, music videos, TV and feature films. This experience has helped me keep up with the latest technology, techniques, and cameras. Now I have moved back to my favorite area of Florida, the Tampa Bay Area, to start my own business in Real Estate Photography. I like to bring the same level of professionalism to every project I work on, whether it’s a 300 million dollar budget for Michael Bay or a $300.00 Real Estate shoot for you. I have been capturing images all my life and truly love what I do. I am proud to show work that displays unmatched photos with clarity and appeal. I look forward to my next chapter in life with the simple goal of providing you with the best media for your real estate advertising needs.


IMDB, International Movie Data Base

TV and Feature resume

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